About Us

The Urban MANual is a collaborative project founded by Trent McLennan, of Swagger Beards, and Dave Warby, from The Great Australian Beard Company.

We started The Urban MANual after both having done a fair bit of blogging as part of our various business ventures, but feeling that the limitations of posting only on a page connected with a business meant that we were unable to branch out as much as we’d like to. Both of us see a greater vision for men everywhere: A vision of style, of class, of sophistication. The vision of a true modern gentleman. We started this project to give us somewhere to express and explore that vision.

The modern gentleman is a man that appreciates the finer things in life, and pays attention to the details that allow him to live that finer life. We have started out with a focus on the things that we believe matter most in guiding the modern man towards being the finest modern gentleman: Style, Health and Grooming. The three go hand in hand. To ignore any of these is to limit your own potential.

So, gentlemen, welcome. Welcome to our new project. Welcome to your destination. Welcome to the new you.

Welcome to The Urban MANual.

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