Men’s skincare is no longer a taboo. Researchers have shown that more than half of all men are taking good care about their body, but not all of them with the same success. Many factors can impact on skin health; some of them are genetic, some are connected with certain conditions and lifestyle, but some of them are a consequence of one’s bad habits. Sometimes it’s hard to change a complete life setting, genetic is almost impossible to revoke, but you can do something about your habits. Here are some of them; if you recognize yourself in any of them, consider your options and try to change that habit. It won’t be good just for your skin, but for overall health.

Start using products that suit you

One of the most common mistakes men make is wrong use of skincare products. However, applying cosmetics in a wrong way can do more harm than good. So, stop sneaking around your girlfriend’s bathroom cabinet and stealing her products, and stop picking the first thing that comes into your sight in a store, and devote some time to learn more about the skincare products you use. It’s highly important, especially if you have problematic skin, to start using quality and proven ones, like Alpha H skincare products. Slowly, you’ll find out what is the best for your skin type.

Stop forgetting sunscreen

Yes, it’s boring; yes, you’ve already applied so many products on your face, but all of these aren’t strong enough excuses to skip sunscreen in your daily routine. Sunrays can seriously damage your skin, create wrinkles, cause a skin cancer, etc… It also slows down collagen production, which results in a lack of skin elasticity and accelerated aging process. To block the harmful rays and prevent these potential harms, apply a sunscreen with SPF 30. If you want to speed up the applying process, choose a moisturizer with SPF and save some time.

Start eating healthy

Too many sweets and not so much green sounds familiar? Like sun, sugar also attacks the collagen and elastin in your body, leaving your skin sagged and wrinkled. Start taking care of your skin from inside with a healthy diet. Eat more fruit, vegetables, vitamins, antioxidants and healthy fats, and avoid sugar and white carbs – you’ll see, soon enough, not only your face will be thankful, but your body shape, too.

Stop smoking

Simple as that.  Smoking is bad for your whole organism, and skin isn’t an exception. It causes wrinkles, acnes, scars; speeds up the aging process; leads to skin discoloration and leaves yellow stains on your teeth and nails. It’s probably the worst habit you may have, so think seriously about giving up.

Sleep well

The “beauty sleep” isn’t just a phrase and isn’t reserved for girls only. Guys also need a proper night rest, about 7 to 8 hours a night. While you are sleeping, your skin repairs itself, and the less sleep you have, the less time it has to rest. Otherwise, you can get puffiness, hollowness and sagging.  Also, your sleeping position is important and when it comes to skincare, sleeping on the side isn’t recommended.

Even though you know something is bad for you, weaning yourself from bad habits can sometimes be very hard, so you should motivate yourself with the benefits of your goals and be persistent. If you fail, try again even harder (this especially refers to quitting smoking and eating less sweets), until you succeed. Once you do, you will start seeing and feeling the results very quickly, which will be even bigger stimulus for you. Not only will breaking bad habits have positive impacts on your skin, but it will also be beneficial for your health.