Written by Andrew Daubney

So I’m getting a little older, a little wiser and definitely a little stiffer. Hours perched in front of my screens have turned this once supple leopard (thank you Kelly Starett for coining the term) into a man with the flexibility of gyprock.

So, after months of badgering by my fiancé, and spurred on by the ever increasing voluminous grunt projecting from my mouth whenever I attempt to stand (or god forbid, squat), I tried yoga.


Yoga am See

Not just any yoga. Broga.

A place where mans anatomical insufficiencies are welcomed.

Putting the airy-fairy, twig-and-berries aspect of yoga to the side, I actually really enjoyed it. It’s definitely not a place to find your Zen, nor will you ascent to a greater level of enlightenment following the class. What you will feel is 10 years younger… immediately.

Broga is hands on – meaning that the delightful instructors will “assist” in reclaiming your lost joint mobility. You will get a sweat on – lots of body weight movements requiring poise and athleticism (neither of which I possess) combined with plenty of stretching. The end result leaves you feeling taller, lighter and actually stronger.

In speaking with my other Brogies after the class there appears to be a vast array of reasons for doing Broga – from improved athletic performance, to improved posture and pain modulation. Either way…its working. The class was full of experienced and novice dudes wanting to get springy.

I don’t know if ill ever need to try yoga….because ive found Broga.

Want to give Broga a try for yourself? You can find your nearest Broga class at https://brogayoga.com/find-class-locations/ – Broga is even available online via video. Check it out!!

Author Bio

This article was submitted to us by Andrew Daubney. Andrew is the Director of Rebound Health, in Sydney New South Wales. Along with being an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Andrew is qualified in Massage Therapy, Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.), Functional Movement Screening and Injury Prevention. You can find Andrew by heading to http://www.reboundhealth.com.au