When it comes to adding that little extra touch of class, the classic pocket square is hard to beat when paired with a great suit and tie combination. Simple, elegant and relatively cheap, the pocket square is something that every dapper gentleman should keep a stock of and know how to use when required.

Choosing the Right Pocket Square

Choosing the right pocket square isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The colour or pattern doesn’t have to match your tie, but it should complement it. If you are wearing a patterned tie, consider a plain pocket square or vice-versa. Experiment with this. Sometimes matching is perfect. Other times contrast is perfect;
  • The more formal the occasion, the simpler and more elegant the pocket square should be. Subtle patterns and light colours are the go-to here. If you’re going to a more casual event, feel free to splash some more personality into it;
  • Ensure that whichever pocket square you choose for the occasion looks the part. Make sure it is clean and freshly ironed. A creased or dirty pocket square will stand out and ruin whatever look you are going for; and,
  • Above all: Go with your own style. The pocket square is an accessory. It’s one of the few opportunities you have to add a little personality to your outfit on some occasions. Don’t be afraid to ignore all of the above (except for the creased/dirty square..) and be different.

Folding Your Pocket Square

First of all, decide on how you want to fold it. We’ve presented one super simple option below: the flat fold, but don’t let this be the end of your pocket square game. There are almost as many ways to fold a pocket square as there are patterns and colours to choose from. Find the style that suits you.

Lay your pocket square flatThe Flat Fold - Step 1

Fold the left side over the right side, splitting it evenly in two

The Flat Fold - Step 2

Fold up from the bottom of the fabric, to just short of the top of your square

The Flat Fold - Step 3

Tuck as needed and place into jacket pocket



So, there you have it.. How to choose, fold and use your pocket square. Now, Gentlemen, get out there and rock that square. You dapper bastard you.