Even the most seasoned party animals can experience a lack of ideas or encounter practical difficulties when organizing a party. Girls always seem to know how to pull off a get-together, but it is time to show that guys have no intention of lagging behind. No matter how you feel about the number of candles on the cake, there are plenty of reasons to throw a party that will be all the talk for months to come.

On top of the game

Do not repeat the same thing every year. Do everyone a favor and pick a theme. Go for something like a golf, surf, ’90s, or mustache party. Milestone birthdays, especially those ending in zero, deserve a special kind of ambiance. For example, in case you are not over the moon about turning 30, why not put a funny twist on it all and organize a Grumpy Old Man-themed party? Think outside the box.

In case the weather allows it, I would encourage you to incorporate the great outdoors into the whole event. A backyard barbecue party is a modern classic, an opportunity to enjoy fresh air while mingling with the mates. Or go an extra mile and hold a camping or a beach party. Strive to be innovative and surprise everyone more than they surprise you with the presents.

At the very least, refresh your home décor. Assemble a nice DIY photo collage and celebrate the amazing friendships and past escapades. Another option is to display some wacky photos on a wall.  Also, keep some retro games such as Monopoly, Twister, and Scrabble around, as they might come in handy when everyone is footloose and fancy-free.

What you bring to the table

You may be the life of the party, but food and beverages are its heart and soul. Backyard food stations are my personal favorite and I still have not met a guy who does not like tacos. Those who are not versed in the kitchen and cannot convince family members and friends to step in should go for a professional catering service. You should not have trouble finding catering in Sydney and other major cities.  

Furthermore, consider a beer tasting party. Come up with the list of the best beverages and let everyone explore the richness of taste. Provide pencils and tasting notes or chalkboard table runners and let them evaluate. Still, note that beer is not be-all and end-all of booze. Feel free to set up a “Make Your Own Mojito”, Jack and Coke, or DIY Bloody Mary bar with all the mix-ins like celery, olives, and bacon.

Alternatively, opt for a Bourbon and Cigar bar decorated in navy or hunter green for some masculine look. Do not forget about snacks galore and add nuts and pretzels to the mix. In any regard, you cannot allow such an important aspect as food and drinks to be an afterthought. When everyone is well oiled, it is much easier to embrace the world as your oyster.

Paint the town red

See what is cool, what should be fun, and above everything else, what you and your friends will like and appreciate. Throw a party that everyone can enjoy, including yourself. Whether you want to dance a night away or chit chat in a soiree, there is a way to ensure a whale of a time. Round up the crowd, break out the favorite beverage, and get into full swing under the moonlight and gaze of distant stars.