Every man that cares about his looks knows how important little details in your appearance are. They add more depth and personality to your look. You can use “men’s jewelry” like dress shoes, handkerchiefs, neckties and cufflink sets to accessorize your outfit with. But in this article, we will focus on cufflink sets. From timeless and elegant ones to something more modern and quirky, there’s a set for every man’s taste and we will show you how to match it with your shirt.

Picking the right shirt and cufflink set

Cufflink sets are used with French cuffed dress shirts. These shirts have double cuffs that are folded over and then held together by cufflinks, rather than buttons like regular shirts. If you don’t have a place where you can buy this specific type, you can get custom suits or shirts made in a  tailor shop. They will take your measures and tailor it to fit your body perfectly, just remember to tell them not to sew the buttons and leave the holes for your cufflinks.

When it comes to picking your first cufflink set it is usually recommended to go for a classic Italian man look with silver or gold cufflinks. They are leaders in men’s fashion for a reason. Picking classic silver or gold cufflinks will be easy to match and give you that timeless and elegant look. Once you’re comfortable with your cufflinks, you can start experimenting with different designs.

There is something for everybody from cars and playing cards to animals and flags. If you’re not dressing for some formal event, we encourage you to experiment with different wacky types of cufflinks and have a little fun with them. You can even use them to point out your interests. For example, if you’re an artist you can get cufflinks shaped like pencils or if you are a football fan you can get those shaped like a football ball. The possibilities are endless.

Color consistency is good but not necessary

Women are often seen mixing silver and gold jewelry, but men are usually advised to stick to one color. If you’re wearing a silver watch, then your cufflinks should match it and vice versa. But what if you have more than two things that need matching, like a belt buckle, wedding band or fountain pen? Matching all these accessories in one color is impossible and that is why you should just mix them up.

Of course, there are some rules what matches with what. If you are wearing a plain color shirt, then your cufflinks should match your tie and if you are wearing the multi-color shirt then you can either match them with one of the shirts colors or with your tie. Also, you can use complementary colors when matching and not the exact shade of that color.

As you can see there’s no need for some special skill to match your cufflinks with your shirt. Just pay attention to your ties or shirt color patterns and don’t use any color that is not already in your outfit. If you decide to buy yourself a cuff link set, remember this article and you will have no trouble picking the ones that suit you and matching them with your shirt.