The crew over at The Barrelman Fraternity recently surprised me with the following message:

“Hey Dave, hope you’ve been well mate… Just wanted to let you know you should be getting a package soon. We’ve sent you one of our new SnapBack Trucker’s Caps to check out!”

My response: Awesome!

I’ve been involved with The Barrelman Fraternity since their inception with my store, The Great Australian Beard Company, being the first stockist. I’ve used their beard oils, balms and soaps myself ever since they sent me a sample when we first started talking. I have a TBF t-shirt I wear regularly. Across all of these products one thing stands out as being consistent: Quality. These guys put a huge amount of thought and effort into ensuring that every little detail is addressed and this hat is no exception. They didn’t ask me to write this review, but seeing how awesome this hat was I decided I needed to write it!

The Unboxing…

From the moment I saw the little box of awesome that arrived at my office earlier this week I was impressed. They hadn’t gone and stuffed this thing into a bag or a box that was too small and deformed it (an issue I’ve had before when buying hats online), instead it arrived in a perfectly sized strong cardboard box. Inside the box, the hat was neatly wrapped in tissue paper and the box padded out to ensure that the hat couldn’t move around. Probably the best packed hat I’ve ever received.


The Colours…

The colours chosen for The Barrelman Fraternity are consistent with the rest of their branding: Black and White. Clean. Crisp. Simple. Perfect. As can be seen in the photos, the hat features their logo prominently front and centre, with no other branding or embroidery on the hat. It’s a simple design, but it works.


The Hat…

For this hat, the TBF boys have chosen to stick with the tried and true classic SnapBack Trucker hat. This is not a choice made based on availability (although they are readily available) or price (they’re definitely not the cheapest) but for two simple reasons: quality and finish. This hat FEELS quality. There are no loose stitches. There are no uneven lines. The crisp white snap device on the back of the hat (if you know what this thing is actually called, please comment below so I can update it!) has no loose plastic around the holes.

Trying the hat on, it fits neatly and sits nicely on my head. After adjusting to the appropriate size it doesn’t apply any undue pressure anywhere around my head nor does it move at all. It just plain fits. Comfortably.


The Bottom Line…

Honestly, I had reservations about writing this. I have never reviewed a hat. I’m not sure I’ve even read a review for a hat. This hat though has allowed me to see that not all hats are created equal. The Trucker SnapBack Cap by The Barrelman Fraternity is comfortable and stylish. The mesh back keeps your head cool (and looks cool). I can’t fault it.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this hat yet. You can win one though thanks to The Barrelman Fraternity and The Great Australian Beard Company. Head over to the below link to check it out.

Win a The Barrelman Fraternity SnapBack Truckers Cap!