Usually, I hate Mondays. This Monday was a little bit different though… On this Monday, I got up, took my dog for a walk, got ready for work and went to work much the same as any other, but on this particular Monday there was something which happened around 10:30 that made it so much better. At 10:30 on this particular Monday, I received a package. A small DHL postage bag, with a small nondescript brown cardboard box inside it. Inside that brown box though.. was this box:

SunGod Renegades

SunGod Renegade Custom Sunglasses

The crew over at sent me this pair of SunGod Renegade sunglasses to check out for our audience and I have to say, they’re awesome! Now, I’m going to be upfront with you and say that this article contains affiliate links (which means that if you follow the links on this post and then make a purchase at the SunGod website, we will receive a small commission to put towards the running of The Urban MANual) and the sunglasses were sent to me free of charge, so take that as you will. I can give you my word that this was written without bias, but I urge you to check these glasses out for yourself too – I know you won’t be disappointed!

Want your own? Follow this link to go and get a pair just the same as mine!

Unboxing & First Impressions

As someone who dabbles in my own little e-commerce ventures, I am always interested in the customer experience when I receive products I’ve purchased or been sent for review. I will admit to thinking “Oh, that’s quite plain packaging..” when I saw these glasses had been sent in a brown cardboard box, but that was quickly abated” when I realised the brown box was simply to protect them during shipping and inside that nondescript box was a far nicer custom printed die-cut box.

The packaging feels and looks clean and professional. It has a semi-gloss finish, with discrete imagery and logos barely visible in gloss black on the semi-gloss black background. Its a neat effect that screams class. I like it.

Opening the box, I found inside a microfiber pouch (with drawstrings which match the lens colour, which is a really nice touch) containing the glasses, a tri-fold package insert with some information about the glasses and care instructions, a sticker pack containing 7 stickers and a card inviting me to “Share my next adventure” with SunGod via their Facebook and Instagram pages. All of these items are printed in full colour on quality cardstock (except the stickers, obviously) and have a smooth matt finish. Nice.

SunGod Renegades

The Glasses

One of the most unique parts of the SunGod Renegades experience is the purchase – you don’t just browse a listing of four, five or ten combinations. You customise them to create the pair of glasses that YOU want. With more than 300 possible combinations of lens, frame and logo to choose from. I chose to go with the following combination:

  • Matte Black Frame
  • Blue Polarised Lens
  • Blue Icons

Sungod RenegadesAccording to the SunGod website, the frames of these sunglasses are made from “Adventureproof® flexible frame material.” I don’t really know what that means, but I DO know that they are light yet feel very sturdy. They have just enough flex in the material to fit comfortably and not feel fragile. All in all, they feel quality.

The lenses are their own “advanced 4KO® Lenses” and, apparently, engineered from an infused 2mm polycarbonate core. They have a polarised filter to eliminate glare, enhance precision and improve depth of field. I don’t know what most of this means either, but I can honestly say that all marketing rhetoric aside I was amazed when I first put these on. There is a yellowish tint (I’m guessing this is the anti-glare side of things), but more than that there is a definite crispness to everything when using these glasses – it’s like you’re seeing the world in HD and it’s freaking cool. It did take me a little while to decide whether I actually liked this or not. Usually, I simply get very dark lenses. These are not dark, so that was a little different to me, but they definitely take the harshness off of the light and provide the same level of comfort without sacrificing the “light” (I know, I know.. that didn’t make a huge amount of sense… just trust me!).

These super-duper lenses are also scratch resistant, impact resistant and apparently offer 100% UVA and UVB protection too. Which is probably a pretty good thing if you like your eyes.

What else have I noticed about the lenses though? Smudges. So. Many. Smudges. I don’t know whether I just happen to have super oily skin or there is something that makes these glasses more prone to smudges/fingerprints/marks in general than all of the others that I’ve owned, but I have never seen so many marks from regular use. This is only a minor gripe though, and something that I can live with – it just means I have to give them a wipe over (using the provided microfiber pouch) more often than I am used to.

Final Thoughts

As tested, these glasses come in at a very reasonable $120AUD. Compared to my last 3 pairs of sunglasses (2 pairs of Oakleys at $200-220 each and one pair of Nike sunglasses at $199), these are a bargain. These also come with a lifetime warranty, which is pretty sweet.

My renegades, thrown rather unceremoniously in my gym bag with my work clothes

My renegades, thrown rather unceremoniously in my gym bag with my work clothes

So, overall, what do I think of these? I love them. They look great, they’re comfortable and they’re well priced. I haven’t had them long enough yet to comment on durability but I don’t see anything jumping out at me as a concern there and even if there IS an issue, SunGod offer a free replacement if they do break. The lens smudging is annoying, but that is a minor issue that I can live with.

These glasses are pretty freaking awesome. You need some. Go get them now!

Head over to SunGod.Co Now and Customise Your Own!