There’s no question that the first hour of your morning can make or break your day. Remember that time you woke up an hour before your alarm went off because your neighbours thought 5am was a good time to put the bins out as they were leaving for work? It happens to all of us and it often makes for a very crappy day. Let’s look at a few ways we can wake up on the “right” side of bed and get the most out of our first hour in the morning.

Wake up in the right stage of your sleep

When we lay our head to rest we begin a cycle, our body starts shutting down and we begin what we call a 90 minute cycle which repeats itself throughout the night (or day, if you’re a vamp). ¬†This cycle is broken up into 4 stages but we wont get technical, because really, who cares. What’s important is that in the morning you wake in the right part of this cycle. Doing this use to be tricky, although now there’s an abundance of applications and even some fitness trackers that have built in “smart alarms” these work by monitoring your movements and determining what stage of sleep you’re in. Once it detects you’re in a light sleep phase it will vibrate like mad and wake you up in your designated time frame (usually an hour window). This has now been proven to benefit the beginning of your day so grab yourself a good fitness tracker or a smart alarm application and stop sucking at waking up.


Eat a good wholesome breakfast

Most of us fail miserably with breakfast, in fact 60% of us think skipping it is a good idea. Well sorry to those 60%, but you’re wrong. Starting the day with some proper nutritious food is extremely important. A bowl of fruit loops or coco pops doesn’t cut it. We’d suggest some whole grain toast and a piece of fruit is the quickest way to make sure your body is getting what it needs for the day ahead.



Now the debate on caffeine is pretty big. Some say it’s great for you and others say it’s not. I say…what have you got to lose? I’m not saying drink an energy drink for breakfast! I’m saying have a good cup of coffee with your meal and for those coffee haters drink tea. We now know tea has just the right amount of caffeine and anti-oxidants to give you a good kick start to the day. The other advantage of a hot drink with your breakfast is it will aid in digestion. Think of it as stoking a fire that’s been embering all night.



Meditation has almost become somewhat of a normal thing over the last five years. Before that, if you mentioned meditation people would look at you as if you were some type of hippy / alien loving freak. Meditation has now been adopted by many workplaces across the western world and some even alot times during the day for their employees to meditate. One application we’ve found great is called headspace. It gives you a ten minute hit of meditation which has been proven to actually make you feel great!


Listen to music

Most of us know that music can influence our mood significantly. So much so that some places even use music to aid in reducing some forms of crime, including assault. The jury is out on what music performs best in “relaxing” people, although some evidence shows that classical music is a clear winner. We’re not saying to crank up Mozart at 5am…..find a band or artist you enjoy and play their tracks in the background whilst you’re in your final stages of morning preparation before you walk out the door. You’d be amazed at the difference it will have on your mood.


Got some tips on how you tackle your morning? Let us know below.